Student Chapter Goals

IOSD has launched several initiative for focused expansion.

Skill Set Development

Senior members conduct "hands-on" workshops and specialized classes for the juniors ,teaching them necessary technical skills like coding in various languages, even specializing in web development and android development all throughout the year.They provide valuable insights on the same to the students.


Hackathons are events that provide an industrial environment for application development by encouraging emulous Developers to bring out their level best coding skills to build an avant-garde application in a limited time period. We conduct mock Hackathons for such essential experience and hence familiarize students with various foreign "mise en scène".

Api Discussions

Application Program Interface is set of routines, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Organizations update these regularly and new features are added or discontinued.We ensure that we keep up with the ever burgeoning software development , which is essential.

Discussions Forum

Software Development doesn’t have that much literature because of its ever evolving nature ie there are no set books for guidance to help us during errors, logical failures etc. Online Websites like, don’t provide a specific solution to the problem faced ie they only provide a generalised solution,one which may not cater to our personal needs. At IOSD we plan to work as a team helping each other encounter such problems and work out the best possible solution .

UI/UX Development

Enhancing Students to work on more than one IDE and developing new UI interface for application development and creating their own independent libraries. We encourage such individualistic ventures and fully support their ideas for the UI/UX Development

Monthly events

Monthly coding competitions among the members to hone their technical skills in a healthy environment with their peers.Competitions are conducted in ACPC , CodeJam and Online Judge Formats so as to familiarize the students with the environment encountered in competetive programming.