Find My Project

Tired of searching on the Internet for projects according to your skill set?
Stop Searching, Start Contributing.


Enrich and Enhance your Skills with Projects

Struggling to find the projects that best fits with the skills you have? Want to have good projects on your resume to impress your recruiter? Your chances of getting hired increases with better experience in the skills you have. Enhance your skills with the projects that best suits you.


Find where you stand

Know the skills you require to complete the project recommended. Learn the skill and move on to the project to boost confidence. With the skills you need and the level of expertise to achieve will tell you where you stand.


Modern Techniques for Modern Solutions

Machine Learning algorithms are what’s behind recommending you the projects, We reference your skills with other students in the various chapters and we cross reference the data to find the best fit for you. With analysis of your level of skills and having more than 100 projects in our database, We find the best of the best for you.

How It Works?

With the data about your skills and your expertise in them, we apply collaborative filtering to analyse your data and provide you the projects with all other skills you require to successfully complete the project.