Exclusive Initiatives

What makes us special?
What do we offer you that raises IOSD to another level entirely?

Women in Engineering

Are you a girl who's always been questioned why you want to be a coder and if you even can? Then IOSD is the key. From female seniors to exposure to experienced coders, you will have all you need to be a trained coder.


Take the plunge into the world outside your college. Internships are the stepping stones to placements. IOSD opens avenues for internships to find you

Dream Project Initiative

Dreams aren't those that come when you sleep, dreams are those that won't let you sleep. At IOSD your dream project can come true with your efforts and our support.

Fund Your startup

IOSD will provide a financial support of one to five lakhs to your startup. So bring your team and ideas, what are you waiting for?


Game development training is provided and gaming events are organized by IOSD. If gaming is your passion, this is the right place for you.