Exclusive discounts and Freebies

IOSD sure sounds to be a hamper of cool stuff but do you know
what the real perks are?



The world's largest community of developers, GitHub, offers an advanced coding platform for using Git software to upgrade codes. IOSD has the honor of being the exclusive GitHub education partner


Digital Ocean

Moving, managing and scaling cloud applications faster and more effectively is the rage at Digital Ocean. IOSD has the privilege of $15 worth of droplets from them.



Trusted by developers and marketers, SendGrid is the world's largest cloud-based email delivery platform. IOSD has the added benefit of emailing credits from them based on usage.



To build your future with your tech startups, tech business, tech events or a tech community, you can register .tech domains for custom web addresses. If you are a tech afficionado, take notes that IOSD members have 99% off on .tech domains!



A cutting-edge software vendor, one of the best in the creation of intelligent development tools. Exclusive free IDE licenses for the top IOSD performers are awarded monthly.