Why Join IOSD

A team that suits your abilities awaits you at IOSD.

Build a Network

Join a community of over 5000 engineering students united by a common desire to continuously learn, interact, collaborate, and innovate.

International Trips

Get reimbursement for participating in international hackathons and prestigious coding contests that are conducted out of India

Mentorship by experts

Avail the mentorship by experts whom you can turn to for guidance and explanations of the doubts and queries that we all have when we set out to code.

Organise Events

Is organizing a tech event your deepest desire? Have no worries because IOSD encourages members to organize their own events with assistance.

IOSD Professional email

IOSD members are provided with a professional email which is useful while participating in various competitions and hackathons.

Live streamings

Think beyond the textbooks with live streaming sessions at twitch.tv. Topics are taught online and are recorded so that they are available for reviewing.


IOSD provides personalized and handpicked online content at the membership portal and IOSD Classroom to suit your skillset and ambitions.