Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. At IOSD we are ready to burn the midnight oil and do our best to bring out the best in you.



Special Interest Group

The new members can join the Special Interest Group that resonates with them. Division into batches and specialised assignments make everything easy to learn.


Live streams

Online sessions are conducted via so that students can learn at home in their comfort zone. Problem solving interactive sessions help save time and effort.


Monthly competitions

What better proof that you are a great coder than winning an IOSD contest? Monthly competitions held at IOSD provide a platform to test your development and learn from your mistakes.


Mock hackathons

The recipe for success in hackathons is a good deal of practice which is available to you in the form of mock hackathons conducted by IOSD to give you a feel of the world of competitive coding.


Commercial projects

The projects which address a particular problem effectively are commercialized and set to work. Good quality applications and softwares are marketed and supported.


Non-Commercial projects

Learning for the sake of learning is a pleasure unto itself. IOSD encourages hands-on experience by making projects by yourself or with peers or mentors.